Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hapit siya magFebrero - February 27th

Hello everyone--

This week was golden. We have been doing great with teaching our investigators. We have 5 investigators with a baptismal date which is awesome. I am just really loving this opportinity I have to be a missionary here in the Philippines. Our investigators have been really growing and learning and it is amazing to see that growth as a missionary. We will be baptizing a couple on February 7. They are so awesome. I started teaching them with Elder Craven at the beginning of my time here in Toboso and I have seen such a change in their countanance over these last 3 months. The gospel really does improve peoples lives for the better.

I was able to talk with this guy yesterday who was from Australia! It was weird seeing another white guy! It was really hard to talk to him in English because I have gotten so used to talking to strangers in Visaya haha! But it was really good to share about the gospel in my native tongue.

I am loving it out here! I hope you all are great! Love and miss you all!

Elder Davis

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