Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Last post from

Hello everyone! 

This is probably the last time I will email all of you from the other side of the world.....haha its been so great. I have been just full of so many mixed emotions. Its been one of the most interesting times for me trying to decide whether I am happy to go  home or sad. Its just split right down the middle. Its going to be a great time going home, being able to see family and friends and ride my motorcycle again...but at the same time its going to be really hard to say goodbye to all of the amazing people I have met out here. 

All I can say is that I am working hard until the very end. I have loved every minute of this mission and wouldn't trade it for anything. Thanks for all of your guys' support and prayers. 

See you all soon! 

Elder Davis 
Philippines Cebu Mission

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mixed emotions

Hello everyone! 

I just am going to have to apologize ahead of time because I don't have that much time left to write this letter, but I just wanted to write and let you all know that I am still doing great! 

Its been a really interesting time of my mission being so close to going home. There are so many mixed emotions going on in my mind all the time. I am getting really really excited to get home and get back to my life there, but I am also going to be really sad to leave the Philippines. Its coming up quick. I have 3 weeks left. The work is going great. We have so much progress in our area right now. We have set 5 baptisms before I go home. Its really amazing. Such a blessing. 

I have learned a ton and am excited to tell you all about it! I will see you all soon! Have a great week! 

Elder Davis 


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Last transfer

Hey everyone! 

How was your week? This week was an eventful one for me here in Carcar. This was Elder Sorianos last week here in the mission and we were really busy getting him all set and ready to go home. I am going to miss him a lot. He has helped this area and the people here a ton. Transfer calls came lastnight and I found out that my new companion is E. Tejada. I am super super excited for it, even though I don't know him, I have heard great things about him. So this is how my mission is going to end. Here in Carcar, making this my longest area of my mission. By the time August comes around I will be here for 6 months. I am super excited to continue working here. We have had some awesome success and progress here lately as well. It gives me hope and excitement that I will end my mission well. 

We had 8 investigators come to church this last week, which is so awesome. We have been teaching them and are so happy that they are making progress. I am stoked to give it my best for these last 6 weeks of my mission. Go hard and then go home right? haha 

Love you guys! 

Elder Davis 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Miracles are possible

Hey Guys! 

We had a great last couple of weeks here in Carcar City, Cebu. We have been staying pretty busy getting ready for the baptism we had last week. We were able to see our efforts come through when our investigators were baptized by some of the young men that we recently brought back into activity. It was such a good experience for all of us. It was even cooler to hear the testimony of brother Shinon and to see his happiness to be able to be together with his family in the true church. 

We have been finding new people to teach as well. We have some really good progression happening here. It makes me so excited to see, and makes me happy to have hope of ending my mission on a good strong note. 

I know that its only through trusting in God that miracles are possible. It feels like a miracle to me that I have been able to make it this far in my mission. I know that its only through the help of Heavenly Father. 

I am getting excited to see you all here pretty soon! End of August....put it on your calendar :) 

Love you all, 

Elder Davis