Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello to all!
This week has been a good one. We taught quite a few lessons and did a lot of tracting. I struggled a little bit this week with missing home a little bit, but it is getting better. I just rely on the Lord for my strength and before I know it the day is over. I love the strength I receive from reading the scriptures and praying. It never fails me. I am doing alright with the language. I am starting to pick up on new things and understand a little better. I still struggle with speaking, but it will come. I am starting to like the culture here though. It is completely different, but cool at the same time.
I can't believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving though. I just want you all to know how grateful I am for all of you. I am truly grateful for all of the things you have done for me and the support you provide me. I encourage you all to be grateful to our Heavenly Father for all of our many blessings as we go through the Holidays. We have so many blessings that we sometimes overlook. So remember to always thank our Heavenly Father because we really have so much to be grateful for.

I love you all!

Elder Davis

Apartment selfie

District lunch on palm leaves

Oh yes...nectar

Zone Conference ??? (editors note - not exactly sure, just guessing - drd)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 11 - Jeepney's and Army trucks

Hello everyone!
This week has gone by really quick! I am starting to adjust and enjoy this mission. This week Elder Craven and I have focused on finding less active families and try and get them back to church. We had one family attend church this week, which was really exciting. I am currently doing an English fast, which means that Elder Craven and I do not speak any English for a whole week. It seemed impossible at first but I am actually really enjoying it now. I never thought I could go through a whole day of conversations in Cebuano, but I am realizing I can! I know that the Lord is helping me learn the language quickly. 
So this week was awesome because Elder Craven and I had a variety of different rides! We started the week by riding on top of a jeepney! It was awesome. The thing was packed inside so we were told to get out and get on the roof haha! Then we were waiting for a bus one night for a long time. We needed to get back to the house and there were no buses. But this huge Army truck went by and stopped and they told us to get in, so we got a ride with the Army soldiers! It was awesome! 
But I hope you are all doing great and enjoying that cold weather! I am way jealous of that, because I do nothing but sweat in the sun all day long here! Have a great week!
Elder Davis
Riding on top of the Jeepney

Riding home with the soldiers

This is the Villaflor family. They are awesome.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 10

Hello all!

This week went by pretty quickly! It doesn't feel like a week has gone by but sure enough it has! We had a good week though. I am starting to adjust more and more. The language is still killing me but it will come with time. I still miss home a little and the nice things in America, but I am adjusting. I just pray everyday for strength. I know this is where I am supposed to be! 

So this week was exciting! I tried balut for the first time! That was very interesting. It wasn't too bad, but its not my favorite. I would prefer something else if available haha. It really just kinda tastes like a hard boiled egg, and isn't crunchy. I also met a really nice water buffalo that didn't want any pictures haha. I am losing weight out here though. I don't know how much, but there is a difference in chubby-ness from the mtc pictures and the ones now haha. But I love everyone and miss you all. Have a great week!


Me and a water buffalo that didn't want it's picture taken

Eating at the church with just our hands

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fried Bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S

Hey everybody! 
So this week has been a little better. I am starting to adapt to the life out here. I would still say I have a little bit to go to be fully adjusted but I am making progress. I still miss home and the states but its getting easier. I am excited to get fully adjusted and adapted to this new life though. We taught a bunch of lessons this week which was great. Elder Craven is teaching me a ton of stuff about the mission still. I am starting to understand people a little more when they speak, but I still need a lot of work haha. Elder Craven gives me tons of opportunities to speak to people and its really helping. This week I was able to eat this thing called a banana que. Its a banana that is deep fried and then covered in brown sugar. It was really good. I enjoyed it haha. Me and Elder Craven also ended up getting lost one evening out in the middle of this forest/ sugarcane field. We were on our way to a teaching appointment and thought we knew the way through the fields, but we didn't and had to make our way back to the road and ask a member to help us get there. It was pretty funny. But I am trying my hardest to do my best out here. I know through Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ anything is possible. 

I am excited to continue working and learning. I can't wait to see what this week brings. I love  you all and miss you tons. Thank you all for the support and love you have shown. 
Elder Davis
Fried B-A-N-A-N-A-S

This is how we purchase water and pop.  There are no plastic bottles, just bags that you bite a hole in. Sometimes we even get a straw.
This is the first part of a banana bundle