Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 10

Hello all!

This week went by pretty quickly! It doesn't feel like a week has gone by but sure enough it has! We had a good week though. I am starting to adjust more and more. The language is still killing me but it will come with time. I still miss home a little and the nice things in America, but I am adjusting. I just pray everyday for strength. I know this is where I am supposed to be! 

So this week was exciting! I tried balut for the first time! That was very interesting. It wasn't too bad, but its not my favorite. I would prefer something else if available haha. It really just kinda tastes like a hard boiled egg, and isn't crunchy. I also met a really nice water buffalo that didn't want any pictures haha. I am losing weight out here though. I don't know how much, but there is a difference in chubby-ness from the mtc pictures and the ones now haha. But I love everyone and miss you all. Have a great week!


Me and a water buffalo that didn't want it's picture taken

Eating at the church with just our hands

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