Monday, May 25, 2015

Mangomania - Week 38

Hello everybody! 
To start, our P-day is way early this week. We have a conference on our normal P-day so they moved it to Monday after our district meeting. It has been a waste of a P-day for the most part, pretty lame haha but oh well. These past few days have been alright for sure. We had transfers and E. Pettibone got shipped off to Escalante and E. Ral made it into Zambo safely. I am super stoked to have him here in the area this transfer. Me and him are going to do great. 
This last week hasn't been to eventful other than transfers. We have just been trying to do a lot of finding. Elder Ral is really great with helping with the FTE's and tracting. He is willing to talk to anyone at any time, which I really appretiate. We have one investigator with a baptismal date set for June 13, which we are super excited for. He is an older man who's wife and grand daughter just got baptized back in February. He is really doing well. During our lessons he is starting to ask good questions and open up to us. He came to church again this last week so he is really doing well. 
The only kinda interesting thing that has happened this last week is the fact that it is mango season out here which means we are being given so many mango's lately. I have been eating like 10 mango's everyday for the past week. Its pretty  awesome. 
Schools out now and time for summer back in the states huh? It's crazy to me that Keagan is graduated now. Time is just flying by. But I hope you all have a great week!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mango harvest

Hey guys!

First off I just want to apologize because I didn't send pictures last week, and I wont be able to this week as well. The computer shop I am at is pretty sketchy. I tried plugging in my camera, and a bunch of weird stuff started popping up on my screen, so I am going to play it safe this time. haha But this week was a great week. We have been teaching an old man for the past few weeks and he has accepted the invitation to be baptized on June 13 so I am so excited for that. He has come to church twice now, even though he has every excuse not too. He lives so far away, and he is not super wealthy, but he still came! Its amazing. He is so awesome.

So  we are going to continue working with him and prepare him for his baptism. We got transfer calls on Monday, and found out that Elder Pettibone will be transfered and my new companion is Elder Ral! My first Filipino companion! Hahaa it took a long time to get a p'noy but I am so excited for it.

We had a sweet service project this last week harvesting mangos. It was the best service project ever! We just picked a bunch of mangos and ate a bunch of mangos haha! Its mango season here so they are everywhere! I honestly have eaten more mangos this last week than I have my entire life put together. Its great though they are delicious. Hahaa other than that, nothing too crazy this week! I hope you are all doing great. I love you all and miss you tons. I hope you all have a  great week!

Elder Davis

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's day

Hey everybody! 

This has been an awesome week! I don't have hardly anytime right now so this email will be short. But I will try and give a highlight reel of the week. We had a baptism for a 19 year old kid named Rolan. He is so awesome! Let me tell you, he is definatly one of my favorite people out here. During sacrament meeting he leaned over and asked me why he feels so different when he comes to church here, rather than at other churches. It was awesome, he said that he feels so much more happy and peaceful while going to church with us, while at the other churches he just feels like falling asleep. It was amazing. I know that this church is the only true church on the earth today, and that there truly is a noticable difference when we humble ourselves and let God teach us. 

Also, I was able to Skype my wonderful family on Monday. It was great. I really really enjoyed talking to them and spending time with my wonderful mother! 

Sorry it is so short but I have to go! Love you all and have a great week! 

Elder Davis

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

It's Freezing over here

Hey everyone! 

This last week has been another great one. We had the baptism for Frez (pronounced freeze) Campos! He is so awesome. Like I said last time, he is just a young kid that has his head on straight. His baptism went really well. The Zambo branch is so awesome. The members all came and supported him and it was just a great experience. 

We also found this really awesome sister this last week. She told us during our lesson that she had been praying that God would show her a sign, and what she should do with her life. She told us that within a week we came to her house and taught her. It was awesome. I know that this whole mission, and life in general, is all a part of Gods plan. He is the one who can help us when we need it. He is the one who knows what is best. He is the one who is guiding our lives. I love this gospel. 

I continue to love this mission and everything about it. I hope you all are doing great. I love and miss you all! Have a great week! 

Elder Davis