Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 11 - Jeepney's and Army trucks

Hello everyone!
This week has gone by really quick! I am starting to adjust and enjoy this mission. This week Elder Craven and I have focused on finding less active families and try and get them back to church. We had one family attend church this week, which was really exciting. I am currently doing an English fast, which means that Elder Craven and I do not speak any English for a whole week. It seemed impossible at first but I am actually really enjoying it now. I never thought I could go through a whole day of conversations in Cebuano, but I am realizing I can! I know that the Lord is helping me learn the language quickly. 
So this week was awesome because Elder Craven and I had a variety of different rides! We started the week by riding on top of a jeepney! It was awesome. The thing was packed inside so we were told to get out and get on the roof haha! Then we were waiting for a bus one night for a long time. We needed to get back to the house and there were no buses. But this huge Army truck went by and stopped and they told us to get in, so we got a ride with the Army soldiers! It was awesome! 
But I hope you are all doing great and enjoying that cold weather! I am way jealous of that, because I do nothing but sweat in the sun all day long here! Have a great week!
Elder Davis
Riding on top of the Jeepney

Riding home with the soldiers

This is the Villaflor family. They are awesome.

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