Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Great week

Hello Everyone!

This week has been a good one. Still kinda crazy that its 2015 already. But we stayed pretty busy this week with teaching our recent converts and a few investigators. I am just so amazed and the change I have been able to see in the people we teach. Our recent convert, Sister Tanudra, is so awesome. When I first got here she was very quiet and shy. She would rarely answer questions during lessons. But over time she slowly opened up. But even during the lessons right before her baptism she was very quiet. But something really cool happened the day of her baptism. The Senior Couple Missionaries, Elder and Sister Anderson, had attended her baptism and I had the opportunity to translate for Sister Anderson. I could really tell Sister Tanudra was touched by the friendship that Sister Anderson offered. I was so glad that I was able to translate what was being said because it was such a neat conversation. The gospel is so amazing in how it can bring us all closer to one an other, and with our Savior. I love it so much. Ever since that time, Sister Tanudra has changed and really really grown in the gospel.

This week we have been looking for a new apartment due to the break in last week. We haven't had much success though. Transfers are next week so I am sure that Elder Craven and I will be finishing our time together in the first house. I don't know if it will be him or me to transfer, but whatever it is, I know thats what the Lord wants. Its just crazy though that my training is a week from being over. It feels like yesterday I met Elder Craven for the first time! Crazy crazy! But have a great week everyone and keep being awesome!

Elder Davis

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