Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 4

Hey everyone! 

It has been another week already!? Haha time is flying by, it feels like yesterday that mom and dad dropped me off, but its been a month already! I am loving it here. I feel this great spirit all the time. Working with all kinds of different people is teaching me a ton. Mostly humility haha. The other day one of the elders in my district was really being rude to his companion and it made me really mad. I love the elder that was receiving the rude attitude, he is one of my favorites here so it really bothered me. So I kinda went off on the other one and said a couple of rude things back to him that were true, but too harsh. I felt horrible after and was really contemplating whether or not to apologize. Before my mission I wouldn't have for sure. But I realized thats wrong of me to do. So I pulled him aside and truly apologized for it and now were golden ha. 

But I hope everything is going great at home! I got my travel plans today! I will leave Utah on October 16th and then fly to Portland, Oregon. From there we will fly to Tokyo! Then to Manila, Philippines and stay there for a month it looks like. I don't know exactly, but then from there we fly on November 17th to Hong Kong! Then finally we will go to our missions. I am sooooo stoked for it. I have never been on an airplane before and what happens? They make me the Travel Leader of 14 missionaries in our zone haha. So I will be in charge of everyone while we travel. Pretty funny. 

So sorry for the short letter this week but theres nothing really new going on here, just the same ol same ol.  The language is coming along great! we taught our first lesson over Skype last night. So we taught a filipino woman that was in the philippines in Cebuano. It was super cool.  But I love everyone and hope y'all are well. 

Elder Davis

and yeah your jokes make me laugh mom!  Especially the one about nacho libre, haha.

​This is Elder Fonua (left) and Elder Toani (right). Fonua is from Tonga and Toani is from Kiributi. They are soo awesome i love them a ton. If you notice Fonua is wearing my red tie, we traded for the one i am wearing. He is singing for the Priesthood session in the Choir so look for him, and my tie!! haha Elder Toani is so cool too, he is teaching me little phrases of Kiributi too. You all probably have never heard of Kiributi so look it up, they are a bunch of little islands north of Fiji. 

A little boredom

They might be GIANTS! 

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