Wednesday, October 29, 2014

First area - Toboso

Hey guys, 

So it has been quite the week. My first one in the field. I just want to start off by saying it is so much harder than I ever anticipated. The life here is COMPLETELY different than in the states. The people are way different, the climate is different, and all of the nice things like running water and showers are non existent. So I dont have a shower here, I take a shower by dumping a bucket of water over myself. There is no running water so everytime we do that or use the restroom we have to get all the water from a well. There is no really good plumbing so we have to just dump a bunch of water down the tiny little toilet to flush it. It is much different than what I have grown up with haha. What we eat is pretty much just rice and noodles, vegetables, and this hot chocolate stuff and bread. I am struggling with the language. It is so hard to understand these people and talk to them. I know only a few simple phrases and when I am asked questions, most of the time I have to ask Elder Craven what they said. It is so hot here and humid. I am sweating 24/7 and always feel sticky. I will have to get used to it I guess. My trainer is Elder Craven. He is really cool and I like him. We get a long well. He is teaching me a lot about being a missionary.  
We have taught many lessons and tracted a lot. I enjoy getting out and teaching it is really fun, even though I can't communicate very well. I know though that as I get better with the language I will enjoy it more. This has literally been the hardest week of my life. I am missing home a lot and missing the nice, comfortable life back home. But I hope I will soon love it here just as much. I know the church is true and my testimony has been strengthened so much since coming out here. 

I miss you all so much and hope you are all doing great. 

Elder Davis 

Elder Craven my trainer

Me and Elder Craven

Philippino house pet!

Our Toboso apartment


Toboso area

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