Monday, October 20, 2014

6 more days in the MTC



So I am doing great! I am super excited to get outta Utah and head to the Philippines. Its crazy to think that I only have 6 more days in the States. I can't wait though. The language is coming along good. I am learning a ton. So there has only been one super interesting thing this week. I am no longer companions with Elder Wayne. There is this elder that was going to go home last week. I was super sad cause he is so awesome. I helped him pack his stuff up and all that. But he met with the MTC president and decided to stay, on the condition that he switches rooms and companions. So I guess they talked about it as a branch presidency and decided that I was the best elder for the job of keeping him out on a mission. It meant a lot that out of the whole branch, they thought I was the best one to help him. His name is Elder Goulding and he is super awesome. He is from Utah, and he is actually related to Ellie Goulding somehow which is super sick. Me and him are getting along great and I hope I am making a difference in his life. I want him to stay out on a mission so bad. But yeah thats the only change. We did get to watch conference which is always great. We watched all the sessions. I really liked Oaks talk on Saturday. He talked about loving all types of people no matter their circumstances. I know that as we learn to love everyone, we will be much happier. 

So I am glad to hear everyone is doing well. I hope hunting was/is a success! I wish I could be out there with you all! I dont think I will need anything before I head out, but if I do, I guess I'll figure it out haha. Thats great that you all are reading scriptures every morning. I finished the Book of Mormon last week and I am restarting it. I love reading it. I have never realized how much power we can receive from it until getting out here. I hope everyone does better than I and starts gaining a testimony of it sooner rather than later. I know its true and that through it, we can receive much power and strength from our Heavenly Father. 


Make it a priority to pray and read the BoM everyday, with no exceptions. Bring the scriptures to life also. Talk about the story of whats going on within the scriptures. I think that can help. 


But thats all I got for today. I will be able to email on Wednesday night before I leave so I will email then. I love and miss you all and hope you are all doing great! 


Elder Davis

Me and Elder Goulding

Two of my favorite Elders in our District

These are two Elders from Ecuador and Mexico. They are so awesome. I love talking with them in spanish! They were super impressed that i could actually hold a conversation haha. But now its really hard to speak spanish cause my brain is constantly thinking cebuano!

Me and Elder Wilson

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