Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Weekly letterrrrrrrrrr - Week 52

Hey everyone! 

This week was kinda an interesting one! To start, I got super sick on Friday and wasnt' able to work. And then just yesterday I had to go to Dumaguete to have a bunch of painful warts removed from my foot haha. It was painful but its all good now. 

We have been really busy teaching people lately. We have so many people to visit but no time to do it. But its a good problem to have haha. We actually visited one of our IBDs (Investigator's with Baptismal Dates) this last week for the first time. She has come to church for 3 weeks and just this last week we were able to actually visit her. She lives about an hour and a half hike back into the mountains and jungle. It was the craziest and farthest hike I have been on to visit an investigator. It was seriously like hiking through the mountains back at home. It was an adventure. But it was just a huge testimony builder because its super hard to get investigators at chruch. And this sister has been coming for 3 weeks in a row, without us teaching her at all. Its amazing. She says that she just loves the feeling after she goes to church at our church. She notices a difference and is willing to make the trip every week. 

I am doing really well out here. I am halfway through my mission now. Tomorrow I hit my one year mark. It is so crazy I can't believe it. It all goes by so fast. I will be going home before I know it. But hey I still have a whole year to give it my all and do my best. And that is what I plan on doing. I love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Elder Davis 


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