Saturday, March 7, 2015

Transferred to Zamboangita

Maayong Buntag sa inyong tanan!
This week has been a great one. I am now here in my second area of Zamboangita! Transfers went really smooth. I was kinda nervous for it because I have never done it but it went well. I was able to catch a bus and head down south to my new area really easily. It took me about 6 hours total to get all the way down here. It was a long ride...ahahaha.
But this area is so awesome! It is a lot different than Toboso, but I am going to love it. My new companion is Elder Uata, from Provo. Me and him are getting a long really really well. As we go through out the days, we always joke and have fun with each other. Its good. We had a baptism for a sister that he has been teaching for a while now. Her name is Sister Beth. It was a great baptism.
Lately I have been thinking a ton about how much this gospel really means to me. Since being on my mission, I have learned so much and grown a ton. And it's all because of the gospel. I know that the church is true and can help anyone who accepts and lives by its principles. I love it soo soo much. But I hope you all have a great week! Love you all and miss you!
Elder Davis
Last night in Toboso

Last night in Toboso


Sister Beth and Elder Uata

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