Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hardships in your life? Read the Book of Mormon

Hey everyone! 
This last week has been pretty busy. We had to go on splits again because Elder Uata had to go to the dentist. From the sounds of things, it was a pretty horrifying experience haha. He had just a little cavity and they just decided to rip the whole tooth out haha. Pretty sketchy. 
But the work was decent this week. We stayed busy teaching lessons and meeting new people. I really enjoyed it. We had the baptism for Kathleen on Saturday and it was amazing. We had a really spiritual experience with it. I love this mission so much. I know this is right where I am supposed to be. 
The language is going great. I am finally feeling pretty comfortable with it. Which is a good thing because it really sucks not being able to understand people or speak what you are thinking. But its going really well. I have realized that after the day is over and we are in the apartment, speaking English is a chore sometimes. hahaha 
But I hope everyone is doing great. I love and miss you all. I just want you all to know that if any of you are going through trials or hardships in your life, just read the Book of Mormon. It will bring peace into your life faster than anything else. I know I have had trials and struggles, but I promise you that the Book of Mormon will help you with anything. Love you! 
Elder Davis

The district

The Romano family

Kathleen's  baptism (that's really her, not a doll)

Elder Davis on the beach

Zone activity

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