Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tie trading and Tagalog!

Hello everyone! 

This week has flown by! The weeks just go by so fast these days, I can't believe that we are already coming up on August. I had a good week here in the great city of Bais! We have been staying really busy teaching our investigators and the members here. We were able to teach one couple, Brother Micheal and Sister Grace, and it was all in English and Tagalog. Micheal is from Luzon and doesn't know how to speak Visaya so we were forced to use Tagalog and English. And let me tell you, it is really hard to teach a lesson in English after teaching in nothing but Cebauno for the last 11 months. Haaha it was really hard. But we had a great lesson with them and now were just trying to help them get to church. They are really really good and are progressing really well. They said they had plans to go to church this last Sunday, but their daughter had to go to the hospital cause she got really sick. But they are looking to God during their times of trial and its just a great time for them to hear this wonderful message about the Restoration of the Gospel. 

We have been having a great time while working as well. I am definatly becoming a better person through this mission. I have realized that it is helping me in so many different ways. Example...Last week as we were walking home, we saw a Joe ( an other white guy-usually mean) walking down the road with his wife or girl friend. And just being friendly, I said "Good evening!" And the response I got back from this guys was "Yeah whatever...Kill yourself.." and he continued walking and cussing under his breath. Haha I was completely surprised at the rudeness and disrespect of this guys haha. Usually if that were to happen back home I would have fired back at the guy and give him a piece of my mind. But I was able to hold back. haha 

But the rest of the week was great. I really enjoyed it. I am loving life and am loving teaching the gospel every single day. I know that its the only thing that will bring us true happiness in life. 

Keep being the best back there in the good ole US of A! Love you all
Elder Davis

Tie trading.  The fatter the better

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