Saturday, July 11, 2015


Hello everyone! 

I guess I should start by letting everyone know that I got transfered to Bais! I don't know how I let it slip my mind lastweek, but transfer calls came and I got transfered here to Bais. Which is still on Negros! Haha I will be spending at least the first year of my mission here on Negros haha! But my new area is great! The branch here is super super strong! The members are great and our teaching pool is pretty solid. We have been staying busy this last week. Here in Bais, it is a lot more out in the mountains and in the sugar cane fields than Zambo. It is awesome though. It has been raining like crazy lately and is super muddy everywhere we go! But I love it a lot. My companion is Elder Magbaleta who is the bomb. I like him a lot. Me and him are getting a long great. 

It is great to have a change of pace and be in a different area. I am loving it. I have really been having some good studies in the scriptures lately. I love being able to study and teach everyday. I am learning a ton. I don't have any crazy stories or anything this week, but hopefully next week I will. I love you all and hope you're all doing great! Have a great week! 

Elder Davis

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