Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How is the Country? Canada?

Hey everyone! 

This week has went by so fast! Holy cow I can't believe it! But we had a really good week. We were able to stay busy with lessons and meeting people. We have a baptism coming this Saturday! I am so excited for it. It is for a 18 year old kid named Frez (pronounced Freeze). He is awesome. I am so happy to see a kid around my age realize the importance of the gospel. Now a days I feel like us youngins are caught up too much in the worldly things like Instagram and Twitter and nice cars and shoes and what not. But its really awesome to see him put the truly important things first. The gospel and spiritual things. 

I had a really funny experience lastnight while I was buying some snacks. Out here, english is taught in schools and stuff so for the most part, they can understand english words if you mix it in with Cebuano. So we always get these people that try and show off and talk English to us, but it is always completely broken. So this guy came up to me and asked "How is the country?".....I thought he was asking how I liked the Philippines so I answered "Its cool I like it a lot"......He got confused and then asked again "How is the country?....Canada?". At this point I was really confused. I thought he was asking me how the country of Canada was doing so I answered " I think its doing pretty well..?" And he just got a really confused look on his face and asked once again  "How is the country?"  And I finally realized that he was trying to ask me where I was from and he thought I was from Canada. So I started speaking Visaya and told him that I was from America. It blew his mind that I spoke Cebuano. It was hilarious haha, cause usually I can understand what they are trying to say when they use English but this guy successfully confused the crap out of me haha! 

But I had a great week this last week and am looking forward to another great week ahead! I love you all and miss you tons! 

Elder Davis 

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