Saturday, September 6, 2014

1st Pday!

Hey guys!

How have the last couple days been for you all? Mine have been great. Its so busy here in the MTC but its really good. I can see how people get overwhelmed really quickly here in the first couple days of being here. But I think the pace will slow down a little bit once we make it past Sunday. They really throw you into things here, only like 20 minutes into being here I was in a Cebuano class and the teacher only spoke in Cebuano. It was crazy. We have also had a lot of classes about how to teach people and about what our purpose is as missionaries. Its crazy to think that I'm actually here in the MTC now and that I am not going to be seeing any of you for two years. It hasn't really hit me yet I don't think. Maybe i am just crazy or something...but they have had us so busy its hard to just sit and think about home. 

My companion is named Elder Wayne and he is from a Navajo reservation in Arizona. He is super cool and he knows a lot about the mission life because he spent so much time with the missionaries before he came here. But we get a long just fine and i learn a lot from him. He was asked last night to be our District Leader so its kinda cool to have him as a comp. Our district seems big to me. There are like 6 other Elders going to the Cebu mission and 4 Sisters. So i was surprised to find out that there were so many others going there as well. I am super excited to just get out to the Philippines already! I hope these 6 weeks go by fast. My expected departure date to Cebu is October 16th. 

I got all situated in our residency hall just fine and got unpacked fine. Today is our P-day so i will be writing on Fridays! We went to the Provo temple this morning and did a few names from Elder Waynes family and then did a session. The Provo temple is so much bigger than the Denver one. It took a little bit to find everything in the temple but it was a great session as usual. 

But everything is great here! I hope everything is going good at home too! Write as soon as possible! :) 

Elder Davis

P.S.      Can you guys get me Duane and Nikkis email? I am living with an Elder who went to school with Codie and knows of the family! Such a small world haha.

Oh yeah and the computers wont allow me to send pictures so you'll have to wait  till I am in the Philippines for pictures...But yeah everything else is great. I am meeting some really cool people and loving it.

And don't be afraid to send a box full of just junk food or anything like that... :) 

Elder Davis.

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