Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Barge to Cebu

Hey guys!

This week has gone by really really fast again! So this last week I was able to get transfered up here to Escalante again and get settled into the new apartment. We have been really busy since transfers and everything. We actually had stake conference on Sunday so I was able to see all of the members from Toboso. I really enjoyed seeing them again, it was great! Man time flies so fast, I can't believe that its been a year since I have been in that area. We were able to work in our area in Mabini a little bit and the members there and the investigators are great. I am super excited to continue working in the area. Being away from the Escalante area for so long, I have forgotten just how bukid it is up here haha. Its really quiet and not a whole lot of people up here, but its great. I am loving being back.

This last few days we have had MLC meeting with all of the Zone Leaders in the mission and stuff which was great. We took of on Monday morning and headed to Cebu. We were able to get over there and we had dinner and were able to watch some cool videos and a fireside broadcast. Then on Tuesday we had the meeting and we were taught from the Mission President and the APs. I really enjoyed the meeting. And now were back and getting ready for the week. I had a great week catching up with some of my favorite missionaries from the mission. It was great.

As we were on the barge heading over we actually met another American from New York who was actually a really good guy. We sat and had a great conversation with him about life and some of our beliefs. It was a cool experience because he actually listened to a little bit of what we shared and wasn't rude about it at all. So he asked us a few questions about things and God and stuff and we were able to share our testimonies to him. It was cool. The questions he had were kinda random and interesting but it was a testimony builder to me because all of his questions he had can be answered through the gospel. He had some really deep questions that could be answered by understanding the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that all of the many questions we have in our lives about our purpose and where we are going and where we came from all can be answered and we will have a sound understanding of the plan of God. I know that this gospel is the only thing that will bring us the perfect peace and happiness that we all look for in our lives. I hope the gentleman we met on the barge will continue to learn about the church as will all of you!  I love you all have a safe and great week!

Elder Davis

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