Tuesday, February 17, 2015

So where we headed boys???

Hello everybody!

Kamusta man mo!? This week has been a great week. I probably sound like a broken record when I say that the week went by quickly but its the truth. It feels like I am here emailing home like every other day. Haha its crazy. But this week was great. We had another baptism for a 12 year old kid named Neil Villarin. He is super cool. He is super tiny but really fun. His parents are both inactive in the church, but that doesn't stop him from going to church every Sunday. He is setting a great example for his parents. We are starting to focus on finding new people to teach, because our investigators are starting to become recent converts, which is really amazing. I have been so blessed to have such great success in this area.

I have really realized this week how much of a blessing this mission is for me. I mean, I get to be out here in this amazing part of the world teaching the gospel every single day for 2 years. I get to learn a new crazy language, meet some of the greatest people on earth, and experience things that I would never experience at home. I am just so grateful for this time I have out here.

Pretty funny thing happened to us this week. Elder Ioane and I were waiting for a bus or jeepney to go out to an area and this woman wearing a white wedding dress came up and stood near us. She didn't say a word and wouldn't look at us but stood near us. We eventually got into a Jeepney and she followed us. We were kinda like "okay maybe she just happens to be going this way". But as we stopped the jeepney at the place we were getting out, she jumped out with us. It was so weird! She then sat at the benches with us as we waited for a member to work with us. But the whole time she didn't say anything. But the member pulled up on his motorcycle and asked us where we were going to be working for the day. As he was talking the woman hopped on the back of his motorcycle and said "So where we headed boys?" HAHAHA we were so weirded out. It was hilarious. The member told her to get off of his motorcycle and she started walking home after that. But it was great. haha anyways just a funny story that went down this week.

I hope you are all doing great and loving life! We are truly blessed to be here on the earth at this point. I hope everyone recognizes their blessings!

Elder Davis
Killer Doggy Dreadlocks!

Life is good

Neil Villarin Baptism

Cool Snake

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